About Darts & Decor

Making family gifts more fun and more personal.

Simply put, Darts & Decor provides one-of-a-kind products that make gifts and home decor more fun and more personal. We enable YOU to showcase your creativity by adding custom, full color prints to…well…really cool stuff! By providing a variety of design options and 100% customizable solutions to suite ANY personality and style, our goal is to provide you with home décor products and gift ideas that LOOK GREAT and create fun for everyone.

Only Darts & Decor can provide you with unique, fun and useful products that are guaranteed to compliment any home living space. By combining state of the art print technology with a little (or alotta) imagination, we harvest the “wow” factor in everything we do. Whether you are looking for that perfect addition to your Man Cave, a spunky way to showcase your state pride, or that perfect gift for a special occasion, you will hit the bull’s-eye with D&D every time.

Darts & Décor understands the need for home décor products that are FUN and that LOOK GREAT. We will always be thinking of new ways to combine creativity with style on products you will love and enjoy. Imagination is at the heart of our company. When you become a part of Darts & Decor, there is NO DOUBT about it; your imagination will thank you for never running out of ideas. Welcome Aboard! 

About Our Products

Dart Boards

Our Dart Boards are 18” regulation size boards that are finished with an aluminum frame, a metal grid and metal numbering. The Dart Board surface is made of quality cork line providing a smooth finish and ultimate durability. Each Dart Board is preassembled with a hook for hanging. Full color graphics are printed directly onto the Dart Board. 

Each Dart Board comes with 6 brass tipped darts, 3 American flag dart flights and 3 British flag dart flights. You can purchase a Dart Board by itself, or as a combo piece with one of our Dart Board Cabinets or Dart Board Backboards.

Dart Board dimensions and weight: 18” Diameter x 1” thick; 7.8 LBS

Dart Board


Dart Board Cabinets

Our Dart Board Cabinets are made from solid pine wood for a smooth and classy look. We print full color designs on the front side of the cabinet, fully covering both cabinet doors. The Cabinet doors fold inward, allowing for that perfect, clean look when you are not playing. The Cabinet has a solid black interior, including white printed game numbers on the left inside door and hooks for hanging your dart flights inside the right door. Hooks for hanging your cabinet are included. You can purchase the Dart Board Cabinet by itself, or as a combo piece with one of our custom Dart Boards.

Dart Board Cabinet dimensions and weight: closed 24”(W) x 24”(H) x 3”(D); open 48"(W) x 24"(H) x 3"(D); 23 LBS



Dart Board Backboard

Our Dart Board Backboards are frameless boards made with 1/4" self-healing cork for a soft, smooth finish. The Cork is backed with sturdy 1/4" thick medium-density fiberboard. Full color designs are printed directly onto the cork, covering the entire backboard surface. You can purchase the Dart Board Backboard by itself, or as a combo piece with one of our custom Dart Boards. 

Dart Board Backboard dimensions and weight: 23”(H) x 35”(W) x 3/4”(D)















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